Commercial Pest Control Services in Bristol


Commercial and industrial clients facing an infestation have very specific needs different to domestic pest control.

Urgency is one major difference: pests mean financial losses, and rapid extermination or control can be essential. You may also need more discreet pest control measures, which do not make an outbreak of vermin or an infestation obvious to customers. Infestations we deal with include anything from rats, cockroaches, and mice through to moths and bed bugs.

The Bristol Pest Controller delivers a genuinely business-friendly pest control service, to both neighbourhood shops and big business. Eradication, control and prevention of pests can be via a regular pest control contract or on an ad-hoc basis.

Commercial pest control contracts

A pest control contract with The Bristol Pest Controller is built in response to your needs, designed to give you proactive and forward-thinking strategies that minimise negative impacts from pests. Regular premises inspections, vermin prevention treatments and pest advice can be provided for a low monthly cost. Crucially, we can make sure your business stays fully compliant with legislative pest control requirements in your own particular sector.

  • Best value pricing
  • Immediate response
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Ethical pest control service
  • Healthy, pest-free working environment
  • On-going infestation monitoring and advice
  • Your local, independent pest control expert

Ad-hoc vermin control and pest advice

If a pest has appeared overnight, and if you have an urgent or a one-off pest control need, we are happy to help with that too. Simply call us on 07970 749 482: we can quickly identify the pest, recommend effective control measures and tell you what immediate control and on-going prevention will cost.

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Bee relocation

Bees are continuing to disappear at an unprecedented rate and a sympathetic response to bees is important.  The Bristol Pest Controller can turn a bee ‘infestation’ into a great opportunity for a local bee keeper.

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