Bed bugs pest control & extermination in Bristol


Bed Bugs in Bristol

Bed bugs (latin name Cimex lectularius) are among the most distressing of pests to discover. Outbreaks in Bristol are common, as in many parts of the UK, because this bloodsucking pest is benefiting from increased travel habits.

The good news is that bed bugs are not thought to spread disease. In fact they seem to be less dangerous than fleas. However, the thought of bed bugs is unpleasant and unless control measures are taken they can breed rapidly. Some more serious consequences from bed bugs are also known, including allergic reactions and anaemia. Bites can cause intense itching - and a bug can bite you days before the reaction appears. Characteristic bed bug bite marks often have a red dot in the centre.

Bed bug origins in Bristol

The rapid spread of bed bugs in the Bristol area is almost certainly because of introduction to a hotel by travellers, or to a domestic property via used furniture or clothing. You can also bring bed bugs back home in your luggage when returning from holidays. 


Bed bug control and elimination is always best handled by pest experts. This is because the bugs live in inaccessible places in large numbers. Their bodies, about the size of a lentil, are very flat and common infestation harbourage includes tiny spaces such as cracks in woodwork. Few amateur pest treatments stand a chance of eliminating bed bugs entirely.


Rapid and safe elimination of bed bugs is possible, and we have helped many Bristol residents. The right control method is important. For example, bed bugs do not respond to gel-based pesticide baits.


How bad is the problem?


The Bristol Pest Controller can help you to quickly assess the size of an infestation. Signs to look out for include the following: 


Regular bites when sleeping.


Bed bug droppings on sheets resembling black mould 'faecal spotting'


Blood stains from bed bugs bites.


Small oval red/brown insects in mattress seams/bed corners.


Is DIY treatment OK?


Professional treatment of an active colony is usually essential for a number of reasons. A single bed bug treatment is often enough to remove the pests, provided that professional grade pest solutions are used. Note that amateur sprays are unlikely to kill an established bed bug population. Care is also needed to make sure the bugs have not spread to other rooms, and that bed bugs are not living in an adjoining property. Treatment options include dust formulations, residual surface sprays, fogging, fumigation and monitoring traps.


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