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Woodworm can cause enormous amounts of damage to furniture and structural timber in buildings if left untreated.


Woodworm Treatment Bristol


There are several types of the beetle, including the furniture beetle, and the damage is caused by the larval stage which eats wood fo several weeks as it develops. An infestation is easy to spot because of the multiple small holes, like nail holes, created as the adult beetles emerge (see picture on the left) for woodworm treatment Bristol.


Adults lay their eggs in the cracks and crevices that exist in even the highest quality furniture. Roughly finished roof timbers present a very easy target.


Catching an infestation early is important, especially with large structural timbers, both because the cost of replacement is high and because they will eventually fail. Fortunately, woodworm treatment & control Bristol is highly effective.


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Your options include traps, poisons, glue boards, dust formulations & fumigation.


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