Rat control: exterminating rodents in Bristol and Bath


Rat Control in Bristol

Rat infestations are among the most dangerous and urgent of any pest problem. It is important to eliminate rat populations as soon as possible because they can cause significant damage to property and also pose a serious risk to human health. The animals adapt very well to a range of different habitats and are often found living in attics as well as in residential gardens. The combination of damage caused by gnawing and hygiene issues also makes rats a very significant commercial pest.

Rat populations in Bristol

Most rats in the UK are now brown rats, which are greyish brown, although a few black rats remain. The Pest Controller Bristol deals with both brown rats and black rats. Both rodents breed fast, with 3-7 litters each year, and rats can find their way easily into apparently inaccessible areas – an animal can squeeze through a hole of just 13mm (around half an inch) across.

Spotting rats in Bristol

Average rats are about 12-16oz, and have a body around 15-20cm long (of course larger rats are sometimes seen). The rat’s tail is shorter than the head and body combined, and you will see a scaly texture if you are close enough.

Signs of a rat infestation include fresh droppings (rat droppings are around 6-12 mm long) along their habitual routes. You may see rat footprints/tail swipes in spilled powders, smudge and rub marks on walls and pipes, and gnaw marks with twin grooves (3mm apart).

The hind foot of a rat is up to 25mm long, compared with a mouse’s footprint of more like 10mm. Rats also gnaw fairly large holes, around 50mm across.

Exterminating Bristol area rats

Rat extermination options include traps, poisons, glue boards, dust formulations & fumigation. The Bristol Pest Controller uses ethical pest control methods, and ensures that children and pets are safe during extermination. Rats are highly intelligent, and so we also take careful account of measures needed to overcome issues such as bait resistance and bait shyness, as well as factors such as ambient temperature and the amount of non-bait food available to rats.

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