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Wasp Control in Bristol

A wasp sting is a memorable experience, and although the insects do not transmit disease, they can cause severe pain and also serious allergic reactions – in very rare cases a wasp sting can be life threatening.

Unlike bees, wasps can sting many times in succession, which means they can be particularly unpleasant if trapped in clothing. If a home or a business faces a wasp nest in a building or nearby, exterminating the insects can be an urgent priority, and The Bristol Pest Controller offers a same-day assessment and wasp extermination service in the Bristol/Bath area. We use the latest wasp nest removal methods, destroying all wasp larvae and all adult wasps.

Understanding wasp behaviour

Wasps feed on insect larvae, carrion and fruits. They build nests from paper, which they make by chewing wood. This means that a wasp colony can cause significant damage to wooden structures. The insects are also annoying when you are eating or drinking, and numbers can multiply very quickly. From late April, wasps will build nests in any suitable space – usually a void with a small entrance such as a crack – and they can create a colony of several thousand in one season.

The danger from wasp nests in Bristol

A typical wasp nest can contain 1,000+ wasps and it is very dangerous to try and eliminate a nest without taking the right precautions, because wasps will respond aggressively in large numbers to a perceived threat. Note that the UK’s largest recent wasp nest, found in a Southampton pub, contained an estimated 500,000 insects. The amateur wasp pesticides available in Bristol are not a substitute for proper pest control from a local extermination professional.

Wasps or bees?

Bee hives pose a very different challenge to wasps' nests – bees found in the Bristol area are not as dangerous or as aggressive as wasps, and a bee will usually be interested in flowers nearby rather than your drink or meal. Bees are more hairy than wasps, with flat legs that help to gather pollen. A wasp is smooth and has thin legs as well as more pronounced yellow/black stripes.

Bee colonies are valued highly, especially because bee hives are currently experiencing losses. As an ethical pest control company, The Bristol Pest Controller can arrange relocation of any bee hive if it is a nuisance where it is currently situated, and we can always find a Bristol bee keeper who will be delighted to have it.

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