Bird control in the Bristol area


Bird Control in Bristol

Pigeons, seagulls and other birds can cause a range of problems, including damage to buildings from droppings, noise, nuisance and food safety problems. Birds can also endanger staff and public, especially if they nest rooftop plant machinery. Many parts of Bristol are well known for unwanted populations of pigeons and seagulls, and control can be essential, especially for commercial clients.

Effective bird control in Bristol

Dealing with bird problems in Bristol starts with understanding their habits. For example, feral pigeons use building ledges as a substitute for sea cliffs and like seagulls they have adapted very successfully to life in the centre of Bristol. An integrated approach is needed to reduce bird numbers and maintain that reduction, taking account of factors that encourage the animals to choose a part of Bristol as their home. New birds will always rediscover a sympathetic environment, so it is important to work with experts who understand bird behaviour.

Exact control remedies will depend on the size and location of the problem. We also take into account issues such as the reaction of passers-by to the techniques being used. Shooting birds in front of an audience may not be possible, so more humane control methods are often needed.

Ethical and humane bird control

The Bristol Pest Controller uses a range of humane control methods, from preventative netting and scarers through to narcotic baits and traps. We do still use shooting where it is wanted by a client and needed, but shooting will usually be a last resort for bird control in the Bristol area. Note that we can also deal with control issues surrounding rarer species such as skylarks, lapwings and ground nesting birds.

Bird proofing

The ‘bird pressure’ faced by a client is the extent to which a bird population focuses on a particular building or area. Understanding this bird pressure allows us to recommend the right long-term bird control solution. Light pressure is obviously the easiest, and a problem will usually respond to most control measures. For medium and heavy pressure from bird populations, a much more carefully designed and installed system will be needed, complete with careful installation.

Bird scaring

We also offer falconry, audio, electric and rocket/kite bird deterrents if these are the most appropriate way to encourage a particular bird population to move to a different part of Bristol. Depending on the location, bird scaring can be a good way to maintain the appearance of a building and control birds at the same time.

Guano cleaning

Finally, any bird problem will usually leave unsightly and risky guano behind. Apart from the disease risk, the acid in bird droppings can damage buildings directly. The Bristol Pest Controller can help to clean guano effectively, safely and cost effectively.

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