Mouse control in Bristol and Bath


 Mouse Control in Bristol

Few houses are immune to experiencing mouse problems. Mice can enter a house through very small openings and they are extremely well adapted to living in close contact with people.

The importance of eliminating mice from Bristol homes and businesses

Many homeowners dislike the presence of mice, and there are good health reasons for dealing with an infestation. Mice leave urine and faeces behind, posing a real health risk. Of course they also cause physical damage to property because of gnawing. Commercial premises face even greater pressures to deal with a mouse infestation quickly and to ensure mice do not return. Business reputation, the cost of fines and even business closure can all be risks from a mouse problem that is ignored.

The belly of a mouse often has wet fur that is soaked in the mouse’s own urine, and this mouse fur can transmit bacteria and viruses to any surface the rodent has walked or climbed across. Diseases that can be spread by mouse populations include Lyme disease, Salmonella, Hantavirus, and Weil's disease. Mice also carry fleas and mites.

It is important to act quickly with mouse control because mice breed very fast. A mouse starts breeding when it is about 50 days old and produces 10-12 offspring takes just 20 days. Crucially, mice can start breeding after a litter very quickly, with new litters every 24-28 days.

Signs of a mouse problem

The signs of a mouse infestation include a stale odour, droppings that are about 3-7mm long and tapered to a point, damaged food and dark smear marks on walls and on pipes. Gnawing marks, with two shallow grooves 1mm apart, are also a clear indication you will need mouse control. You may also see traces of mouse nesting material such as shredded cardboard, and an ammonia-like smell in small spaces. Bristol residents and people in the Bristol/Bath area can access local help quickly and reliably by calling The Bristol Pest Controller on 07970 749 482.

Treating a mouse infestation in Bristol

Your mouse control options include traps, poisons and glue boards. All mouse treatments carried out by The Bristol Pest Controller are designed to be effective rapidly while safeguarding the safety of residents, customers and pets.

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