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The Bristol Pest Controller has been controlling and eliminating vermin and pest infestations in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas in the South West for 15 years. We are committed to reliable and ethical local provision of pest control and eradication services. That means using safe and humane control, with care taken to prevent damage to animals that are not pests, such as native shrews and voles, as well as domestic pets.

A privately owned, independent pest control company, we pride ourselves on service levels and attention to detail that multinational organisations find it difficult to match – and that includes emergency callouts for pest problems.

An unmarked van can be with you quickly when an infestation strikes, and advice on dealing with pests is available 24 hours a day. All of our pesticides, traps, and preventative measures are used by professionally trained and experienced staff. The Bristol Pest Controller will ensure that infestations are identified and remedied quickly, and that follow-up pest control measures and advice are in place.

Note that all of our staff are fully qualified, and have been trained to use the most environmentally friendly methods of animal and pest control, including relocation of species. An ‘infestation’ of bees can be turned into a great opportunity for a local bee keeper.

"We are delighted at the services we regularly receive from The Bristol pest controller Services. We often rely on them to respond quickly to emergencies. Only last week we called them out to eradicate some rats sighted in a property by tenants (who refused to stay in the house whilst the rats were living in there). Attack soon had the infestation under control and the tenants were happy to move back in."
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Bee relocation

Bees are continuing to disappear at an unprecedented rate and a sympathetic response to bees is important.  The Bristol Pest Controller can turn a bee ‘infestation’ into a great opportunity for a local bee keeper.

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