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Ant Control in Bristol

What are Ants?


Ants are a nuisance when they enter homes or properties, common species like Black Garden Ants are not thought to carry disease although it's impossible to know exactly where the Ants might have been foraging for food before entering your house. It's advisable to stop Ants from entering your home and food cupboards.


Black Garden Ants will explore buildings and homes searching for spilled liquids and rubbish looking for food supplies to feed their queens and her young. Garden Ants leave a pheromone trail back to their nests for other Ants to follow and find the food source.


There is more than one kind of Ant in the UK. Black Garden Ants that invade houses are the easiest to eradicate, because they tend to stay near the nest. Regardless to their name Black Ants their appearance in colour is more of a very dark brown.


Pharoah Ants are a more important indoor nuisance, especially in some types of public buildings such as hospitals. They are around 2mm long and yellow or light brown. Pharoah Ants travel further from the original nest and also set up satellite nests, so getting rid of them can be more difficult: as you wipe out one nest another can take over.


Black Garden Ants and Pharaoh Ants both have the main divisions of the body (head, thorax, abdomen) they have distinctively narrow waists with a prominent elbow joint in their antennae. They are extremely organised social pests. Ants will invade buildings looking for food highly attarcted to sweet foodstuffs, it's generally the worker Ants that will carry out the foraging which they will take the food back to the nest to feed the queen and her larvae.


What are Flying Ants?


Flying Ants are the reproductive males and females these can be commonly seen in the peak of summer. Their nupital swarming flight might only last a few days where mating will be carried out in the air. After the mating has taken place the male dies. The newly fertilised female (Queen) will then seek out the most appropriate location to start laying her eggs for the following spring.


What are the risks involved with an Ant infestation?


All Ants can carry bacteria after they have been crawling across unknown substances then passing across our foods which we consume potentially causing food poisoning. Tropical Ants or Pharaoh Ants that are common in the UK have the ability to sting much like a wasp.


How can i prevent & get rid of an Ant infestation?


Cover up exposed food.

Clean up food, liquid, spillages, and debris immediately.

Ensure rubbish bins have tightly fitted lids.

Keep compost bins far away from the house.

Locate all nests inside and outside of building.

Apply Insecticide powder product into holes.


Who can help me?


The Bristol Pest Controller offers not only rapid extermination of Ants in Bristol and the surrounding areas but also advises on how to 'Ant-proof' your premises so that the infestations do not recur.


We recommend you always use a professional pest control technician who is qualified with the (British Pest Control Association)


The Bristol Pest Controller is fully qualified and a member of the BPCA.


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