Cluster Flies Bristol


Cluster Flies in Bristol

Cluster Flies are a particular problem during Spring, Summer and early Autumn, but theycan present problems in homes and businesses at any time of year. Cluster flies, midges and houseflies can cause a nuisance or in some cases a health hazard.


Cluster Flies Bristol


Cluster flies Bristol are common in late Autumn or early Spring. Often mistaken for the common housefly, cluster flies develop inside earthworms before congregating in large numbers. They have short, golden hairs on their thorax and usually gather around warmth – which is why such large numbers can be seen around south-facing house wall or in an attic. In fact, numbers can be so high that the flies can look like smoke coming out of your roof space.


The right approach to dealing with any fly infestation, whatever the species, depends on how severe the problem is, where it is located and what your priorities are. The Bristol Pest Controller can help you to choose the most suitable way to eliminate a problem and also advise on future prevention for cluster flies Bristol.


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Your options include dust formulations, residual surface sprays, fogging, fumigation, sticky boards and monitoring traps.


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