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The Bristol Pest Controller makes safe, cost effective and reliable elimination of pests a priority. Our free pest identification service means you can quickly find out what problem you might be facing and we are always pleased to give you immediate on-site service.


Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Do please GET IN TOUCH if you have any particular query. We look forward to hearing from you.


Is quoting free?

Yes – we are always happy to talk through solutions without charge, and we can also help you to identify the precise nature of an infestation. Simply email a picture to


How long before you can visit?


Our goal is immediate resolution of problems wherever possible. Call us at any time of day or night and we will do everything possible to be with you quickly, and at least within 24 hours.


Do neighbours have to know there is a problem?


No – if there is a problem you would rather resolve quietly, our unmarked van and assured discretion will keep things under wraps.


Will there be unsightly pest traps around?


We understand the sensitivities around pest control and work hard to make sure that solutions used in a particular premises are low-key as well as effective.


What if the infestation recurs?


Our work is guaranteed, and if a treatment has not resulted in the improvements promised then we will make sure the problem is resolved.


Are my pets and children safe?


Yes. Safety is our absolute starting point. The strategies used will always reflect where and what a problem is. Our work will take into account the needs of pets, children, visitors and staff.


Do you handle domestic and commercial work?

Yes – we regularly work with all kinds of premises and clients.


Do you offer long term contracts?

Many of our commercial clients choose to use The Bristol Pest Controller.


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Bee relocation

Bees are continuing to disappear at an unprecedented rate and a sympathetic response to bees is important.  The Bristol Pest Controller can turn a bee ‘infestation’ into a great opportunity for a local bee keeper.

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