Moth control in Bristol and Bath


Moth Control in Bristol

Enormous numbers of moth species inhabit the UK. Most moths are not pests either in homes or businesses, but there are three moths that most often cause nuisance infestations in the Bristol area: the clothes moth, the brown house moth and the white-shouldered house moth.

Moth control in Bristol

These three species of moths cause problems because they can feed on natural fibres, including wool, fur and feathers. Aside from the damage to belongings, the droppings and dead moths are a nuisance and moths can leave staining behind on fabrics. Moth control can stop moths from breeding rapidly and this is a priority: moths lay an average of 40-50 eggs over their lifespan of around three weeks.

The signs of moth infestation

Dead moths or live moths are the most obvious sign, and the bodies will usually be reasonably close to whatever the moths are eating. You will also see unexplained holes in clothes, curtains or carpets. Sometimes a moth problem will reveal itself through moth ‘webbing’ which looks like silk.

Commercial premises in Bristol can also face big problems from moth damage. The pests can contaminate stored foodstuffs, including foods in warehouses. They can also affect business reputation and damage irreplaceable objects such as precious tapestries and historical artefacts.

Amateur products for dealing with moths are available in Bristol, but extermination is rarely complete using the sprays and fogs available, and moth populations can rapidly grow again to cause damage.

Moth extermination for Bristol homes and businesses

It is possible to deal with moths in the Bristol area rapidly and effectively without leaving unpleasant residues. The Bristol Pest Control offers the moth extermination and control techniques that best suit a particular location, so that cost and inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Treatment options include dust formulations, surface sprays, fogging, and fumigation as well as monitoring traps and sticky boards. Crucially, we can also help you to avoid future moth infestations by addressing habitat issues and by monitoring over time.

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