Cockroach infestations in Bristol


Cockroaches in Bristol

Infestations of ‘roaches’ are common almost everywhere, and occur in many domestic and commercial properties. German and Oriental cockroaches are the most common species in Bristol and the rest of the UK, but there are almost 4,000 types of cockroach in all, and it is possible to encounter other species, such as brown-banded cockroaches and surinam cockroaches.

German cockroaches come from Asia originally, and are around 12-15mm long, brown and with a shield on their backs. They can fly and climb up polished walls, and they like warm and humid places. Oriental cockroaches are bigger, cannot fly and cannot climb smooth walls. They also take longer to breed and prefer cooler areas including outside drains. Both species are nocturnal, which means you may see large numbers of cockroaches only at night – although egg cases, droppings, smeared droppings and odours are often obvious.

Cockroach extermination by a dependable, Bristol-based pest control expert is essential because the animals spread food poisoning and can even cause dysentry and gastro-enteritis. Cockroaches are also a source of unpleasant odours and are thought to cause allergies in some people. For commercial premises, zero tolerance is often essential both for health reasons and because of customer reactions.

Cockroaches spend the day in cracks and crevices, moving around at night to search for food and water. If you switch a light on at night in a heavily infested building you will see very large numbers of foraging insects. They eat almost anything including food, fingernail clippings and pet fur, cockroaches have even been found eating the grease inside an old television set.

Eradicating cockroaches in Bristol

Cockroaches are extremely resilient pests, and eradication is most effective when it goes hand-in-hand with measures designed to make a habitat unfriendly to them in the future. The Pest Controller Bristol offers not only rapid extermination of cockroaches in Bristol and surrounding areas but also advises on how to ‘roach-proof’ your premises so that infestations do not recur.

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