Bristol squirrel populations: controlling squirrels in the Bristol area


Squirrel Control in Bristol

Grey squirrels have multiplied hugely in Bristol and elsewhere since their introduction to the UK a little over a hundred years ago. Their spread, and the virus they carry, has largely eliminated the native red squirrel. Grey squirrels have two litters a year, of around 3-4 each time, and live between 2-6 years. It means that populations can quickly grow to problem levels.

Grey squirrels are easily recognised by their predominantly grey colour and bushy tails. The animals are around 45cm long including the 20cm tail. Sometimes the occasional tan hairs in their fur can make people mistakenly think they are seeing a red squirrel (in fact there are no red squirrels in the Bristol area).

All squirrels are most active during daylight hours, and they can be seen widely in Bristol parks, woodlands and homes. Simple preventative measures such as gutter guards can help to prevent squirrels from invading a home or business premises, and we can advise on both removal of an existing infestation and prevention of future squirrel invasion.

Squirrel control for domestic and commercial clients

Homes and businesses in Bristol face one principal problem from squirrels, which is the damage they cause to property. It is financial loss rather than disease that makes squirrels a significant threat.

Squirrels are destructive in woodlands, stripping bark from trees, which can pose a significant problem for forestry businesses and in parkland. The animals are also very adept at making their home in domestic attics, where there is real potential for damage to property.

It is an offence to release a grey squirrel deliberately into the wild, so if you are facing problems with squirrels you are not allowed to relocate them. The Bristol Pest Controller offers an ethical squirrel control and elimination service, with professional treatment of the problem by an independent specialist.

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