Midges in Bristol


Midges control in Bristol

Any summer evening can be made a misery by biting midges, and there are many different species in the UK. Attracted by the CO2 in human breath, the insects are highly persistent and can detect their target from a long distance.


Midges Bristol


Female midges are responsible for biting people, using a specialised mouth part to cut directly through skin (a completely different technique to mosquitos, which suck blood through a tubular mouth part). The intense irritation that can result is caused by the insect’s saliva left behind in the wound. This saliva can prompt an allergic reaction, which is quite strong in some people.


Midge attacks are worst when the weather is humid and warm – precisely when time in the garden or on a terrace is most desirable. The Bristol Pest Controller can make sure that the insects are dramatically reduced in number or eliminated, so that an outdoor area becomes a pleasant place in which to relax.


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